Writing Journey

The Experience
Hello!  I’ve worked on the first draft of my novel. My time has been consumed by my stories. Removing myself from my novel was hard to do, which meant fewer blog posts. I was active on YouTube because it was easier for me to record a short video. My blog and YouTube audience are different, so I am aware that some might not have watched my writing videos. In the video below, I share information about my novel, my writing experience, and my plans. The process isn’t easy, but the result has been rewarding. I've been doing vlogmas, so there is a new video on my channel daily. I hope you check out my channel.  Please watch the video below!
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My Caribbean Romance
What is my book about?
I completed the second draft in March. While I wait for the feedback from my beta readers, I began working on a new project. It is also a romance novel with characters of Jamaican Heritage.
Writing Journey Continues
Telling my story
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